35 years - Thank You!

I can’t believe that 35 years ago this month, I officially started my commercial photography business! In some respects it doesn’t feel that long ago that I signed the lease for my first studio in Edmonton. When I start thinking about the countless experiences I’ve had and the thousands of people I’ve met, photographed and worked with over the years, I guess it has been a long time! 8 years in Edmonton, then 9 in Calgary and now over 18 in Ottawa. My gosh!

In the process of reflecting over the years, the only thing that makes sense, to celebrate such a milestone, is to be grateful. So many people over the years have trusted me, or more accurately us (I’ve always been surrounded by an awesome team) with their photography projects to shoot. Everything from portraits, to commercial advertising projects, to corporate communication initiatives, to websites and social media projects, to special commemorative anniversary books. I’ve had the great opportunity to photograph people, places, animals, food, planes, trains, automobiles, machinery, architecture, orchestras, research teams, athletes and students. I’ve been able to work on projects to help tell visual stories for so many different sectors including, healthcare, education, culture, tourism, oil & gas, mining, technology, hospitality, professional services, agriculture, military and social enterprises.

The photography business has changed drastically over the years. I once shot film and visited a lab, sometimes several times a day. I’ve developed thousands of rolls of BW film by hand and have spent more time in a darkroom than I can remember. Now we shoot everything digitally and move imagery around the world sometimes only moments after the image has been shot. An image was once ‘airbrushed’ by a special artist, now we can finesse a photo on our phone! With all of these fast moving changes, I can most honestly say, I’ve never been more inspired and excited to shoot!

It’s so humbling to think of how many people I have to thank: clients to assistants, agency owners to art directors, designers to account coordinators, banks managers to accountants, other photographers and especially friends and family!

With a very grateful heart, thank you to everyone who has lent a helpful hand and who has played a patient and generous role, in a very fun 35 year run! Bring on the next 35!