2018 and Beyond - Claudia Salguero

We're very pleased to include Colombian born artist, Claudia Salguero, in our 2018 and Beyond portrait series! Claudia is a multi-talented and entrepreneurial creative person, who loves helping her community experience art. She is a latin-jazz singer, who passionately performs at her annual sold-out concerts, at the National Arts Centre. She is also an art-based facilitator, working with various community groups in Ottawa to create collaborative art projects. Claudia recently completed a large BE YOU mural project at St. Laurent Mall, of which she painted with the assistance of various Ottawa high school art students.

Claudia is constantly moving and working on so many generous art initiatives in Ottawa. With her creative drive, she helps students, immigrants and people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, feel empowered by collaborating in art!

© Dwayne Brown

© Dwayne Brown

We asked Claudia, as a collaborative artist, what she's most positive about as Ottawa moves forward into 2018 and beyond.

"Ottawa is more vibrant every year. As an active visual artist and a musician, and also as part of the audience, I can feel the pulse and I love it. As a community arts-based facilitator I can also see a more welcoming response to diversity and more opportunities to work and create together, not despite of our differences, but embracing them and understanding that they make us richer and stronger, both as individuals and as community.

Welcoming diversity is the best way to have a healthy and empowered community in a multicultural city as Ottawa. I am positive our leaders will continue to work with this idea in mind, opening opportunities for minorities to merge and demonstrate with their talents, how much they can contribute on the development of our city."

Thank you Claudia! We're very proud to include you in our 2018 and Beyond portrait series. We love your kind spirit and generous energy!

Please take a peek at Claudia's website: www.claudiasalguero.com  You can also follow her projects on Twitter: @closalguero and Instagram: @claudia_salguero