Something we’re often heard asking our clients is “what’s the story?”.

All photos have the opportunity to help craft a narrative and I believe it’s critical in commercial / corporate photography to create imagery that helps to communicate a project’s message. This helps move ideas forward and motivates viewers to be inspired by the photograph.

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to shoot some images for the Queensway Carleton Hospital’s 2019 annual report. The photos were focused on capturing different spaces in the hospital with staff and patients interacting. The image below, shot in Emergency, is to accompany a story of a busy ER that is almost always at 100 percent capacity, 365 days a year, but still delivers compassionate care. That’s an easy enough story to tell, but we only had 5 minutes to shoot it! We also needed to do it without seeing the real patient’s face (who happened to already be in the hallway) or to impose ourselves on the paramedics and other staff in the background.

Quick and very important story telling, while making sure everyone involved (knowingly or not) feels very respected, is a super satisfying challenge for us!

Thank so much to Marg Sheridan at the QCH for her help coordinating the shoot!


© Dwayne Brown Studio

© Dwayne Brown Studio