Tenacious Elegance - Patty Sánchez

I first met Patty Sánchez a couple of years ago while she was doing a quick winter visit to Ottawa to skate on our canal. Of many things, she is a professional ice skater and at the time, was working with Disney on Ice, so the canal skate was a dream come true for her. Patty is a very good friend of Anita's, as she was her first student to come to Ottawa from Spain when she was only twelve. She's in town this week reconnecting with both Anita and Ottawa!

The bonus of all of this is I get to know Patty better. I'm learning that this petite, elegant, young woman with her disarming smile, is a super driven and tenacious person. As I write this post, I'm reminded that photographing her with our studio 'Wrangler' is perhaps a bit apropros, much like Patty.

What I love about Patty is, she doesn't settle! She's grateful yes, but she is always pushing herself beyond her borders and beyond her own achievements. From what I've learned from Anita, she has always been like this, even as a bright eyed, curious, young girl visiting Canada on her own for the first time. Her drive and determination is very inspiring!


© Dwayne Brown

© Dwayne Brown