strength and friendship

I’ve wanted to photograph my friend Eric Meslin in black and white for some time now. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to capture Eric in his corporate world, as he leads a dynamic team of science and research experts at the Council of Canadian Academies. He has a long list of accomplishments and experiences beyond his role as president and CEO of the CCA. He’s also had an impressive 30 year career focusing on bioethics, including his role in the United States as Executive Director of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission, appointed by President Clinton.

Eric knows everyone in the scientific research community in Canada and he is also friends with many international scientists around the world. These are all impressive enough reasons to photograph him, but I really wanted to do my best to capture the way he projects his strength beyond his academic and corporate accomplishments. Other photos we’ve done, show him smiling in a suit. I wanted to photograph a more subtle projection of his strength – with an underlying sense of friendship and kindness. These are the qualities, that I believe make Eric such a great leader and friend.

Thanks Eric for your friendship and for making the time for a portrait!


© Dwayne Brown Studio

© Dwayne Brown Studio