Caffeinated Catalyst

Coffee is more than caffeine and perhaps it's even more than just a beverage. I think it's actually a pretty good connector and a great excuse to meet up with new people. Since the beginning of September, I've been busy saying hello to clients via email and sharing imagery through our social media accounts. I've also been connecting with a lot of new folks on LinkedIn. Last week I had an idea to try and connect with new people face to face by creating a LinkedIn article, inviting anyone who'd like to go for coffee, to message us. To be honest, I wasn't sure if anyone would take us up on the offer. Well, yesterday I met up with the first person to reach out to accept the offer, Mike Tobin.

Mike was awesome to meet and get to know. He is, as his linkedin profile states, a bilingual voice over talent. Pretty cool and pretty unique! We talked about a lot of things: creative stuff, business stuff, family stuff and how helping the universe helps others in pretty wonderful ways. Something I found interesting is how both Mike and myself wanted to know how we could help each other, as opposed to what we could gain from the meeting. Perhaps coffee is also a catalyst for friendship!

If you'd like to have a coffee with Anita and myself, please send us a message on any of our social accounts or through our contact page. We'd love to meet, get to know you and of course, buy you a coffee! :)


Bridgehead Coffee with Mike Tobin.

Bridgehead Coffee with Mike Tobin.