Years of Professional Photography Experience

Photography is something I do yes, but really it’s more about the creative opportunities it affords me. Commercial photography gives me the good fortune to meet and photograph so many awesome people – ranging from extremely important men and women in government and business, to scientists, doctors and researchers, to musicians and artists, to students and youth. Photography has taught me that all of these people’s lives and stories are equally important and are so interesting to capture and share. It’s also taught me that creating imagery is a collaborative process – it’s part of the intricate balance of what sets an ordinary photograph apart from an evocative, compelling reflection of the client’s message.

Photography Team

Creating imagery is a collaborative process. I’m very fortunate to be supported by an intelligent and passionate creative partner, Anita Ruivo, who artistically co-directs and coordinates all of our commercial photography projects. Anita brings a wealth of international experience to our studio, including being fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese. We also have a network of excellent assistants, stylists and make-up artists who help us finesse the folks and environments we get to photograph. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our studio.