Alex the Great

Some of you may know Alex Néron. Those of you who do, know Alex is kind, funny, positive, creative and an all round nice guy. All you need to do is search for Alex on Facebook and you'll see just how loved this man is (especially by his wife, Marta). Anita and I ran into Alex and Marta just before Christmas at one of the Bridgeheads on Wellington, and I couldn't resist asking Alex if I could take a quick photograph of him. I'm so glad he agreed. It's one of my favourite portraits of 2016, it may actually be one of my favourite portraits, period.

It might be worth mentioning that Alex has cancer. He doesn't wear it on his sleeve and he doesn't make it a big public thing. What he does make public though, is his love for life, his love for his family and friends, and his love for Marta. As they say, "love conquers all". Not sure if it's true, but it sure does make life so much more wonderful! Thanks Alex, for being a such wonderful example for all us!

© Dwayne Brown

© Dwayne Brown

2017 - The Ultimate 'Happy New Year'

Its now 2017 and with a super charged and well attended New Year's Eve celebration, Ottawa has officially opened its doors to welcome the rest of Canada and the world to experience what so many of us love about our city. Both my creative partner Anita and I are very glad to be right in the middle of all the fun with our loveOttawa project. We'll continue to photograph and interview people for our blog/website and ask them what they love about Ottawa, as well as shoot new city and event imagery for our Instagram and Twitter feeds. We love helping everyone feel positive and great about our city!

The loveOttawa project has been a pretty awesome ride for us. We've already met so many interesting and dynamic people, who have had such great stories to share about themselves and Ottawa. We look forward to meeting as many new people as we can in 2017. Our project has also given us unique opportunities to experience great cultural events and we can only expect the fun to continue during this special year for Ottawa!

We're always eager to discuss new opportunities to collaborate with local businesses and organizations to help shine light on their unique offerings or initiatives. Please feel free to contact either Anita Ruivo or myself at for more information about sponsorship, ideas and/or social media collaborations.

©Dwayne Brown -  the loveOttawa project

©Dwayne Brown - the loveOttawa project